Why does the carton erector have requirements for the quality of the cartons

29 Jun.2023

carton erector is an indispensable packaging machine on the carton packaging line. It can integrate the tedious carton forming process together. It consists of a forming mechanism and a sealing tape movement. According to the speed of unpacking per minute, it is divided into ordinary carton erector and high-speed carton erector. Many customers also call it vertical carton erector and horizontal carton erector according to the direction of carton erector.

       Is it true that all carton packaging can be formed by an unpacking machine? In fact, it is not the case. Among most of the packaging equipment, the carton erector is a unique packaging equipment. It forms a two-dimensional carton into a three-dimensional three-dimensional carton, so it needs very accurate calculations to know whether the carton can be used. In addition, the quality of the carton is also a key point of influence. After some customers’ carton samples were sent, we found that there was only one layer of corrugated board and it was very soft, so that when the carton erector was finally formed, the carton was inclined like a parallelogram; some customers’ cartons had very high hardness, and this situation would occur If the crease is not obvious, the cover will not be easily folded into shape, and it will eventually lead to failure to shape.

       We recommend that customers choose custom-made cartons from regular manufacturers with obvious creases and hardness. It is best that the four corners of the upper cover are also cut corners, so that the quality is the best carton for carton erector.