Where does the automatic carton erector need to be maintained?

29 Jun.2023

The automatic carton erector is a packaging machine specially designed for carton forming, and it is the starting point of the carton packaging line. According to the speed of output, it is divided into vertical carton erector and high-speed carton erector. Many customers also like to call it a carton forming machine.

       So when using the fully automatic carton erector, what aspects of maintenance do we need to do on the carton erector? The following editor summarizes a few points for everyone to take a look.

       ① Regularly check whether the screws of each component are loose;

       ② Regularly add lubricating oil to the important parts of the machine;

       ③ Keep the surface of the machine clean;

       ④ Remove foreign matter on the blade every day;

       ⑤ When the automatic carton erector is not used for a long time, the blade should be oiled for protection.