What do I need to do before installing pallet wrapping machine?

08 Aug.2023

pallet wrapping machine needs to make relative preparations before installation in order to avoid a lot of things happening. So what are the preparations? Let's take a look at it in depth:

1、After the winding packaging machine arrives at the site, check whether the machine, parts and accessories listed in the packing list are complete and whether the machine is damaged in transportation.

2、Open the machine at the designated position of the packing box (be careful not to damage the winding packaging machine) and check the machine and random accessories according to the packing list.

3、Read this manual in detail, install, debug and use. This equipment should be installed in a dry indoor environment without dust, flammable and explosive chemicals and other corrosive substances on the machine, temperature range -10-40, no condensation.

4、Place the turntable part on a level ground, connect the film system guide column and turntable part. Install the ramp (accessory, optional) at the same level of the turntable, it should be easy for the goods to be put in or unloaded at the working position, pay attention to the position and the clearance between the turntable and the turntable, after installation, it can be fixed by playing the expansion screws (self-provided).

5、Check whether all limit switches, limit switch arms and limit stops of pallet wrapping machine are damaged and in the right position, and whether they can be used normally, and make sure to provide a correct, stable and reliable fixed power supply (strictly prohibit the use of temporary wires).

6, pallet wrapping machine factory chain and reducer has been lubricated or oil injection, before running, please confirm, turn on the power supply, in turn, the air switch in the electrical cabinet, the operating board control power switch open, the machine power on self-test, in a standby state, you can carry out debugging.

Only onpallet wrapping machine machine to take certain measures to ensure that the equipment can be used normally, for the later use of the equipment to lay the foundation for reducing the chances of machine failure, thus improving production efficiency.

There is only to understand the different types of automatic pallet wrapping machine method, for each device can be skillfully operated, which can bring more benefits to the manufacturers to promote industrial production, of course, the maintenance of the equipment is indispensable to help the production of the key factors.