Advantages of three in one case packer

16 Aug.2023

What is Three in one case packer? As the name suggests, is a set of automatic packing machine, packing machine, sealing machine and one of the automatic packaging equipment, since it is an integrated equipment, then its primary advantage must be the highest cost performance, this is undoubtedly, then in addition to the cost performance, this machine has those commendable places?

1, side into the box, product compatibility range is wide. Users who have paid attention to the previous article know that other types of packing machines are basically feeding at the top of the carton, which determines that the packing has certain limitations, and the side feed solves this problem in one swoop, and any material can be compatible.

2. Small footprint. Because it is an integrated device, it occupies a relatively small space, is more compact and delicate, and is very convenient to use.

3, hot melt adhesive sealing box and tape sealing box optional. Many people misunderstand the opening and sealing machine, thinking that it must be hot sol sealing box, in fact, tape sealing box is also possible, but most users will choose to use hot melt adhesive sealing box, sealing box effect is better.

In summary, the advantages of three in one case packers are very obvious, and it is the best choice for enterprises in the early stage of production. Speaking of which, many users will question whether this device is so good that it can be widely used and become the first choice? This was not certain, mainly because the efficiency of this integrated molding equipment is not so high, so Iaxun called it the first choice for the early production of enterprises, when the output reaches a certain degree, or to choose a regular packing machine.