Precautions for packing powder items in vacuum machine

09 Jun.2023

 Vacuum packaging machine is very much used in food and pharmaceutical enterprises vacuum packaging equipment, according to different types of vacuum machines and different types of packaging, for the purchase of vacuum machines are certain requirements, especially for powder products, the following YUPACK based on past experience and you share the vacuum machine packaging powder items of note.

1、Filters and throttle valves must be added. No matter what type of vacuum machine you choose, these two accessories must be installed, otherwise the vacuum pump is easy to damage, external vacuum machine is also easy to block the pumping nozzle.

2、External vacuum machine can be retrofitted with inflatable function. Many powder packaging, customers will require the addition of nitrogen filling function, if you have such needs, you are recommended to choose the external vacuum packaging machine, the inflatable effect will be better. Internal vacuum machine is inflated in a closed space, in the moment of inflation may stir up the powdered goods, so internal vacuum machine packaging powdered goods, it is not recommended to inflate.

3、Water circulation pump can be configured for better effect. Many users who have used the vacuum machine know that even if the filter and throttle valve are installed, some powder will be sucked into the vacuum pump in the process of pumping, so the filter element and the vacuum pump oil need to be replaced frequently. In this case, water circulation pump is your very good choice, no cartridge and no vacuum pump oil, only need to change the water often, economical.

      The above is YUPACK for your summary of the vacuum packaging machine packaging classification of items of note, more industry knowledge about vacuum packaging machine, you are welcome to continue to pay attention to the official website of Qingdao YUPACK: