What are the advantages of the misalignment connection function of the case packer

05 Sep.2023

The case packer is the most effective way to pack products into cartons, mainly refers to the application of the pan-transfer case packer, the applicable products are also mostly seen in the bottles and cans of related products. Should be able to achieve high cartoning efficiency, supporting the realization of unmanned production line cost savings by many customers. Applicable product range is also very wide, such as edible oil, lubricants, cosmetics and liquor bottles.

The most typical is red wine bottles, most of the specifications are tall and thin, it is difficult to realize the push when docking on the loading machine. Before packing, the bottles must be organized into the required formation before the grippers can pick up the bottles and place them in the crates, so the front-end organizing and sorting line is also an important part of the process. Then the end is unpowered when interfacing with the incoming line, a situation that is not very friendly to skinny and tall bottles. In order to solve this problem, we developed the staggered lap mechanism. Using a staggered lap way of incoming material and feeding for docking, the whole with a frame fixed to allow side-by-side use, each running the transmission line slowly narrowed and finally moved to the feeding line. This way will effectively avoid the thrust when there is no power, can make the bottle smooth transition to the feeding line.

 Many customers may not be able to understand the principle of misalignment connecting mechanism based on the description alone, it does not matter we only need to know that thin and high type of bottles when using the cartoning machine is necessary to use this way to feed on it, if interested in contacting our sales staff for advice.