What to look for in a customized strapping machine

23 Oct.2023


With the user for the continuous changes in packaging methods and requirements continue to improve, the demand for customized equipment is becoming more and more widespread, strapping machine is one of them, since it is a customized equipment will be different from the standard machine, the following YUPACK will share with you the customization of the strapping machine need to pay attention to what?

1, the purchase of the bow frame motor. General customized strapping machine frame size will be relatively large, YUPACK's standard models equipped with a belt motor, the motor can only meet a certain length range of frame size of the belt power, once beyond this range, you need to increase the belt motor in order to increase the belt power, the specific framework of the need to add the belt motor as well as the need to add a number of The specific frame should be how big need to add the feeding motor and need to add a few, all need to users and suppliers to do detailed communication.

2, the increase of the storage box. Due to the customized strapping machine frame size is larger, so the need for more strapping, so if you choose to use the original storage box is not able to meet the requirements of the large frame size, so customize a large storage box is a necessary choice for customized strapping machine.

3, for the baling material considerations. Although customized large frame strapping machine can meet the packing needs of many items, but not that all smaller than the frame size of the product can be packed, general YUPACK does not recommend long-term with a large frame packing small items, which will not only affect the efficiency and will increase the failure rate of the baler. This will not only affect the working efficiency but also increase the failure rate of the strapping machine. This is especially true for the fully automatic strapping machine.