Horizontal strapping machine friction movement introduction

18 Jul.2023

The friction movement of the horizontal strapping machine means that when the two ends of the packing belt overlap, the movement will quickly and high-frequency friction to deeply integrate the joint of the two ends of the packing belt. It is not only hot melting a surface but a depth. Its advantage is that thicker PET packing belt with greater tension can be used. This is also a strapping machine that uses this friction movement for bulk goods, which require a high tension packing belt to fix pallet goods. Friends, larger and heavier pallet goods are usually strapped with PET packaging belt, for this large tension packaging belt should be selected with this friction movement horizontal strapping machine. The frame can be customized according to the size of the goods, with the conveyor motor, so that the conveyor more process; Packing belt spacing, playing several can be adjusted according to the height of the goods design. With large tape tray, avoid frequent replacement.