Why does the strapping machine need to adjust the bandwidth?

14 Dec.2023

Many users who buy a strapping machine think that as long as the strapping machine is purchased, the strapping machine can be used at will. In theory, this is true. The strapping machine will be set with a bandwidth when it leaves the factory, so any narrower bandwidth can be used, but this is just In theory, in actual use, there are actually some problems with using wider belt grooves to tie narrow belts.

     The width of the strapping belt will largely affect the packaging effect of the strapping machine. If the width is not enough, the strapping strap cannot be placed in the slot and the packing work cannot be completed. If the width is too narrow, the strapping strap can be placed in the slot. Inside the groove, but the place where the machine strapping tape is joined will be very beautiful, and there will be deviation in the bonding place, so when using the machine strapping machine, be sure to adjust the width of the strapping tape, so as to better avoid error.

      It can be seen that it is very necessary to adjust the bandwidth of the strapping machine, otherwise it is very likely to cause improper use of the strapping machine and the occurrence of malfunctions. For more knowledge about strapping machines, please continue to pay attention to the official website of Qingdao Yupack: