How to choose a top sheeting machine

07 Aug.2023

You may not be familiar with top sheeting machine, but you must be familiar with wrapping machnie. Top sheeting machine is generally used together with wrapping machine to realize 5-sided packaging of products. Top sheeting machine is the top packaging equipment for packaged items. This machine is generally very It is rarely used on a stand-alone machine, and is basically used in conjunction with the wrapping machine. So for users, how to choose top sheeting machine? Yupack believes that it should be considered from the following three dimensions.

1. Do you need 5-sided packaging? Many users think of wrapping packaging only as a fixing function, and do not necessarily need to be waterproof and dustproof. In this case, it is actually unnecessary to choose a top sheeting machine, and it is only needed when both are available.

2. Stand-alone use or wiring use. If the user is only using a single machine, then choose the top sheeting and wrapping combined machine. This type of machine can meet the packaging needs of the user, and the price is relatively affordable.

3. Packaging efficiency. Efficiency is indeed something that needs to be considered when purchasing any equipment, and top sheeting machine is no exception. The top sheeting and wrapping combined machine mentioned by Yupack earlier has both stand-alone and online styles, but this combination If the method is online, the efficiency will be relatively low. Therefore, if the user has high requirements for efficiency, it is recommended that you choose the pass-through top sheeting machine. This machine is separated from the wrapping machine independently, and the coating is carried out during the material travel process, so The efficiency will be very high.

        To sum up, the choice of top sheeting machine mainly depends on the production efficiency, and secondly depends on the specific usage. The choice of any equipment should be in line with the usage of the site, and do not follow blindly.