What factors should be considered in the selection of pallet conveyor lines

24 Jul.2023

So, when the customer wants the drum line of the pallet, what data should be understood? In addition to the length, width and height of the pallet itself and the height of the goods, for the pallet roll conveyor line, we need to know the weight of the pallet goods, with the weight we can know how thick the drum should be selected, usually more than 1.5 tons of goods have to use 89 drums, less than 1.5 tons can choose 76 drums; Second point, drum spacing. The correct method is on a line body, at all times the underside of the product should be in contact with 3 rollers. What happens if there's less? The product on the line body will be bumpy, serious will appear tipping or rollover. Let's move on to the third point above, subsection. How long a section of line is and how it is divided depends on the overall control and the automation steps that need to be implemented. Usually in the front and back of the packaging equipment is the need for a separate workstation line or cache line, this way generally requires a pallet section; Other places that have been walking without process requirements and do not need to stop to work can be designed according to the site space to the location. Is the installation method of the motor also the first part?

That's right, the expert sees the way, the outsider sees the crowd, the professional work must be left to the professional person to do. Behind the tray line, in order to let the tray in the process of travel not offset, both sides will be equipped with round steel guide guardrail to ensure safety. The bottom is equipped with heavy-duty cup feet and reserved holes, which can be fixed on the ground to make the tray line more stable. That the whole line should be matched with multiple packaging machines, so it is 500mm high from the place, and we can choose to install the motor at the bottom.

Cover, if the line body is very short, such as two or three hundred height, it can not be installed at the bottom? Yes, at this time, we can use the shaft mounted motor to install it on the side of the line body, so that it will not occupy the bottom space to achieve the need to reduce the height of the line body. We do not just provide a machine, but provide our customers with professional automated packaging solutions.