Classification of mesh belt conveyor

09 Jun.2023

Mesh belt conveyor is one of the niche equipment in conveyor, and it can be roughly divided into metal belt conveyor, Teflon belt conveyor and module belt conveyor. Each product has its different characteristics and use scenarios, below Yupack will share with you the different uses of each product.

1、Metal mesh belt conveyor. The biggest feature of all mesh belt conveyors is smoothness, so it can convey some products that are easy to dump or small particles. Then metal mesh belt is mostly used for conveying with powder items, so that the powder can be scattered into the tray at the bottom and will not damage the equipment.

2、Teflon mesh belt conveyor. Teflon mesh belt conveyor is similar to the function of metal mesh belt, but the price is relatively low, so it is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises whose budget is not particularly high when the early capacity is low.

3、Module mesh belt conveyor. Module mesh belt is a more special one in the mesh belt conveyor, this equipment is mostly used in the finishing line before the boxing machine or the arrangement line part of the use, not only can play the function of the arrangement, but also will not rub the bottom of the product, is a very widely used automatic conveying equipment.

       About the classification of mesh belt conveyor, we will share these for you today, more conveyor video and picture information, welcome to call us!