How to choose chain conveyor

15 Aug.2023

The chain conveyor is the second largest conveyor in the conveyor frequency after the roller conveyor, the chain machine has the characteristics of smooth delivery and low noise, so it is widely used in various production fields of customers, then there will certainly be customers to ask, when should the chain conveyor be selected? Aisun concluded that there are mainly three situations:

1. Choose according to the pallet style. The common pallet style has nine piers, Sichuan word, Tian word three kinds. Among them, the field word is best, any conveyor can be used, followed by the Sichuan word, when the direction of the Sichuan word conveying is perpendicular to the direction of the drum, all the line bodies can be used, if the Sichuan word is parallel to the drum, it can not be selected in the drum line. Nine-pier type is the most troublesome, and can only use chain conveyor and chain plate conveyor.

2, look at the delivery requirements. Previously mentioned that the characteristics of the chain conveyor is smooth transport, therefore, some goods without packaging, conveying in the drum line due to the turbulence of the drum will cause collapse, you can choose chain line or chain plate line. But some users know that the chain plate line is expensive, so the chain conveyor is the ideal choice.

3, when the load needs to be moved. As has been introduced many times in the previous article, there are only two ways to move heavy loads: roller and chain or chain and chain. Some people will say side push, but side push is suitable for light cargo. When an item needs to change the direction of travel, a chain machine must be used.