why you need chose auto random carton sealer

31 Mar.2024

In many cases we will encounter only one sealing machine but there are many different sizes of boxes, 

this situation if you go to the manual commissioning will waste a lot of time, but if you go to buy more 

common sealing machine is not very suitable. For one thing, this will surely bring more cost!

 Secondly, it will also take up more space.

 Thirdly, if you buy more machines, it will be wasteful when the demand for some size of cartons is small.   For this situation, Axiomtek's suggestion is to use our latest adaptive folding and sealing machine, 

which can automatically adjust to the size of the carton, automatic folding of the top of the carton, 

automatic sealing, automatic transport at the right time, without human intervention, and suitable for 

connecting to the automatic production line, which adopts the left and right drive form, pneumatic folding

 and sealing mechanism, automatic wide, narrow, high and low adjusting mechanism, and high-strength 

structural design, so that the adaptive folding and sealing machine model has the best performance. 

Folding lid sealing machine model with reliable performance, automatic positioning folding lid sealing 

machine can adapt to the production line continuous heavy sealing work, can achieve a variety of box sealing, 

can save time and cost, is a variety of specifications of the box is the right choice!

For more knowledge of the sealing machine, welcome to pay attention to the official website of Qingdao