How to put topsheet on pallet

04 Apr.2024

With the rapid development of the economy, enterprises have higher and higher requirements for the image of product packaging, in addition to simple pallet strapping, film wrapping and other processes, more and more customers put forward higher requirements for the pallet packaging, such as adding corner protectors, put the cover plate, put the moisture-proof pads, etc., these processes have put forward a new challenge to the automated packaging equipment manufacturers, but the technology is always advancing with the times, 

so for the packaging equipment manufacturers, these processes are not so difficult to achieve. For packaging equipment manufacturers, these processes are not so difficult to achieve, put the corner protector with 

automatic corner protector, put the cover more ways, today YUPACK will focus on sharing with you how to put the cover for the pallet!

 1.collaborative robot. If a separate collaborative robot to put the cover will seem a little too big to use, indeed, the cover of this process is relatively simple, if the robot only to achieve this one function would seem a bit of a waste, the general user selection of collaborative robots to put the cover, most of the palletising robots to be compatible with, that is to say, collaborative robots, the main work of the palletising palletising, after the code is good, from the side of the silo to get A cover plate directly on top of the pallet, a machine for two purposes.

2.Truss robot. Truss manipulator to put the cover plate is naturally no problem, and the truss has a small footprint, the price is also relatively moderate, is the first choice of many users, but its pain points and collaborative robots, the use of some of the waste alone, so many customers are also the use of a machine for two purposes!

3. Adding grippers to the palletiser. The 2 ways introduced above are the case of one machine for two purposes, there are also some machines that have no way to be used for two purposes in one machine, such as low palletiser, which is a frame by itself and has no independent gripper of its own, so if it wants to achieve the function of placing the cover, it must be installed with a separate gripper, and the procedure can be solved by sharing a set of PLC system with the palletiser, as well.

4、Single column robot. Users who are familiar with palletiser know about single column palletiser, yes, the

 single column robot mentioned here is similar to it, but the load of the robot used to put the cover plate is 

much smaller than that of the palletiser, so it is more cost-effective.

 In summary, the process of placing covers on pallets is actually very simple at this point in time, with a variety 

of solutions to choose from. If you have similar needs, you can call YUPACK Qingdao's marketing centre!

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