What to do if the film holder of the winding machine does not rise (2)

08 Jun.2023

In the previous article, Aixun shared with you one of the reasons why the film frame of the winding packaging machine does not rise, which is automatic and manual. Today, Aixun will continue to share with you another fault phenomenon of the film frame of the winding machine not rising, which is automatic and manual.

Firstly, it is necessary to determine whether it is a fault with the frequency converter or motor; How to troubleshoot: Under normal conditions, the frequency converter only displays numbers. If there is no display or garbled code, the frequency converter is faulty. If English plus numbers are displayed, it is an alarm code. Based on the alarm code, the current motor fault information can be queried. If the frequency converter is working properly, it can be determined whether the motor is rotating based on whether the rear cover impeller of the motor is rotating. If the motor rotates and the membrane frame does not move, it can generally be determined that the reducer or sprocket chain is faulty.

If there is no alarm on the frequency converter and the motor does not rotate, you can rotate the knob on the panel to observe if there is a change in the reading of the corresponding frequency converter. If the frequency converter reading is always 0 (during operation) and there is no change, it can be determined that the knob may be damaged.

3. Determine if the PLC has output. If there is no output from the PLC, check if the upper limit travel switch of the membrane frame is working. Manually turn the upper limit travel switch and observe if there is any change in the corresponding PLC input point. When the upper limit is damaged or stuck, the membrane frame will not rise.

4. Plc output point damaged