How to choose the lower concave vacuum packaging machine

09 Jun.2023

  The so-called under-concave vacuum machine is a standard vacuum machine with a customized under-concave groove , which facilitates the placement of the package and the vacuuming operation. So the question arises, when do you need to choose a recessed vacuum machine? Is it necessary to choose recessed vacuum for thick items? The following YUPACK will share with you how to choose the concave vacuum packaging machine for this problem.

1、More liquid content, easy to flow out when put flat. The amount of this concept is actually rather vague, here Axiomtek can give you a reference value, we generally believe that the amount of liquid accounted for two-thirds of the entire bag, it is considered that the amount is relatively large, it is recommended to choose a concave vacuum packaging machine.

2、Items are thin and thick. There are some users packing solid products, but thin and thick, there is no way to use the way to raise the sealing line, in this case also need to choose the lower concave vacuum packaging machine, because the lower concave vacuum machine can be used when the lower concave type, but also with a cover, forming a standard platform vacuum machine use.

3、The bags are particularly large and not convenient to be placed on the platform. This situation is relatively rare, but there are some cases, for example, 10kg hot pot base, the choice of stand-up vacuum machine and slightly large, if the standard double chamber vacuum machine, the bag is particularly long, in this case, you can make a deep under the recessed vacuum packaging machine, can effectively solve this problem.

      The above is Axiomtek's summary of how to choose the 3 kinds of concave vacuum packaging machine, if you have other questions about the purchase of vacuum machine, please feel free to call Qingdao YUPACK marketing center!