Automatic vacuum machine 3 main advantages

09 Jun.2023

Automatic vacuum packaging machine is the highest degree of automation in the vacuum machine, mostly used in the field of food, medicine, electronic products and other automated packaging. Many users who have used vacuum packaging machine in the past understand that automatic vacuum machine is only automatic lid swinging, in fact, this is wrong, the following YUPACK will share with you the 3 major advantages of automatic vacuum machine.
1. . Reduce labor intensity, save manpower, save business costs
Automatic vacuum packaging machine because of its high degree of automation, unlike the traditional vacuum machine requires manual carefully put is food, swing lid, only need people to do the machine next to the food into the tray, so the efficiency is very high, also saves manpower and human labor intensity.
2. High packaging efficiency, suitable for mass production
The packaging efficiency of this machine is more than 10 times faster than the traditional internal vacuum machine, especially suitable for the packaging of small products, such as date cake, marinated eggs and other foods.
3. Beautiful packaging effect, prolonging the shelf life of food
Not only because of the customized mold and packaging process of molding, so that the product has a very good packaging effect, and through the vacuum, inflatable and other steps. Can make the food packaging has a long shelf life.
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