Edge corner sealing machine purchase points

09 Jun.2023

Corner sealing machine, also known as corner sealing machine, refers to the corners of the carton tape sealing equipment, generally often with a word sealing machine with the formation of I-form sealing boxes. For the first time to buy the corner sealing machine users, is often at a loss, the following Axiomtek on the characteristics of the corner sealing machine and you share the corner sealing machine purchase points:

The first point, determine the layout direction. The so-called layout direction refers to the corner edge sealing machine feeding direction, the current corner edge sealing machine has 2 kinds of feeding methods, one is straight into the type, a kind of L-type. Users need to buy and sell according to the actual situation of their own sites.

The second point is the width of the tape that can be used. As the corner sealing machine is used to seal the corners of the carton, so you need to use a slightly wider tape than a word sealing machine, the user should pay attention to the maximum tape width applicable to the corner sealing machine when buying a corner sealing machine to avoid unnecessary trouble.

The third point, the material of consumables. This point is not clear to many users, but the impact on the corner sealing machine is very large, many enterprises for the material selection of supplies is not off, resulting in sealing machine in use after a period of time, there are various conditions, such as tape out of the fold or cut tape is not good and so on.

     The above is Yupack's summary for you to buy the corner sealing machine points, in future articles Yupack or continue to introduce other models of selection points, welcome your continued attention!