What are the common failure phenomena of vacuum packaging machine

09 Jun.2023

Vacuum packaging machine, also known as vacuum machine, is an automated packaging equipment for vacuum sealing operations, common models are internal vacuum packaging machine, external vacuum packaging machine, but no matter what kind of models, in the process of use can not avoid some problems, the following Axiom on the basis of past experience for you to summarize the 4 points of the common failures of vacuum packaging machine, I hope it will help you in the future use.

1, the vacuum degree is getting lower and lower. Theoretically speaking, the vacuum degree can only be measured by professional instruments to know, but some of the more obvious low vacuum degree can still be seen through the naked eye, for example, the original pumping a bag of goods need 10s, but with the use of the machine, the time required to pump the vacuum longer and longer to achieve the initial effect, which is the performance of the vacuum degree is getting lower and lower.

2、No vacuum. The first use of the vacuum packaging machine if not vacuum the greatest possibility is the electrical connection is reversed, the vacuum pump reversal caused by the inability to pump vacuum. If the vacuum is suddenly not pumping after a period of time, then it is possible that the vacuum pump failure or circuit board failure, there is a possibility that the vacuum chamber deformation, the vacuum machine cover can not be completely sucked closed causing the vacuum can not be pumped.

3、Sealing is not flat. The bag sealing unevenness is generally manifested as the seal has wrinkles and no obvious pattern at the seal. Sealing creases mainly because the bag is too short, in general, the length of the vacuum packaging bag should be longer than the packaging 3-4cm, so as to fully ensure that the packaging process will not leak. Sealing without obvious patterns in this case is mostly caused by heating time is too long, heating time is too long, heating the vacuum packaging bag will be completely hot, losing the beauty of the seal, so there will also be uneven sealing.

4, not sealed. If the vacuum packaging machine does not seal the situation, the first thing to observe whether the bag has been hot traces, if so, it means that the heating temperature is not enough, just need to adjust the heating temperature can be. If the bag does not have traces of scalding, then it means that the heating strip has no temperature at all, which may be caused by two situations, one is the heating strip is broken or burned, and another is the heating transformer is burned. The user only needs to step by step to investigate one by one to solve.

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