Four elements of conveyor product design

09 Jun.2023

The conveyor mentioned here is actually in a broad sense, mainly refers to the supporting line body, unmanned operation of the factory automation line body, etc. Many enterprises in the planning of these lines are often the first consideration is how to achieve automation, which is undoubtedly, but at the same time the following four elements can not be ignored.

1, the reasonable use of the site. Flow line is not that as long as possible, nor as much as possible, not because the site space is large enough to spread out, a good flow line design should be a reasonable use of the site, so that the layout of future equipment, leaving enough space.

2, the practicality of the conveyor. There are some products conveyed, you can use the roller line, you can also use the belt line, then the designer should consider a variety of factors in the design, one is the service life, the second is the practical type, as far as possible for the customer to do a better job.

3, the safety of equipment operation. In many cases, the purchase of assembly lines is actually more ambiguous, you can do this, you can do that, this time, the designer should consider the kind of operation more secure, which can better serve the customer. This is what should be done as a qualified designer.

4, the emergence of emergency security. This point is often ignored by designers, for example: after a sudden power failure, fire safety issues. Another example: after the misoperation of personnel, the safety of equipment and so on. All these should be anticipated by the designers in advance.

      YUPACK believes that the design of conveyor products is only qualified if the above 4 elements are met first, otherwise it is a product with safety hazards and safety defects and should not be put into use.