strapping machine makes the production cost lower

09 Jun.2023

First, the role and advantages of strapping machine

The baler can pack the product quickly, accurately and effectively, while avoiding the error caused by manual packaging and improving packaging efficiency and quality. strapping machine has the following advantages:

(1) Reduce labor costs: The use of strapping machine can reduce the time and cost of manual packaging and improve production efficiency.

(2) Reduce the waste of packaging materials: strapping machine can automatically package according to different products to avoid excessive waste of packaging materials.

(3) Improve packaging quality: strapping machine can achieve high quality active sealing method to ensure product safety and integrity.

(4) Reduce the loss rate: Because the strapping machine's packaging is relatively standardized, it is not easy to cause product damage, crushing and other problems, thus reducing the loss rate.

Second, choose a strapping machine that suits your needs

In the purchase of strapping machine, different companies have different needs. We need to choose the most suitable strapping machine according to our own product type, production process, packaging specifications and other factors. Here are some common types of balers:

(1) Manual strapping machine: the price is relatively low, suitable for small production lines.

(2) Semi-automatic strapping machine: can improve the packaging efficiency, suitable for large-scale production enterprises.

(3) Fully automatic strapping machine: can greatly improve the packaging efficiency and accuracy, is an indispensable equipment for large-scale production lines.

3. Operation skills of strapping machine

When using strapping machine, you need to pay attention to the following tips:

(1) Adjust the parameters of strapping machine: including the adjustment of sealing time, temperature, tension and other parameters, which can ensure the packaging quality of products.

(2) Correct selection of packaging materials: to choose the right packaging materials according to the actual needs, in order to avoid waste and high cost problems.

(3) Maintenance and maintenance of strapping machine: Regular cleaning of the baler, replacement of wearing parts and routine inspection can extend the service life of the baler.

With the increasingly fierce competition in the market, reducing packaging costs has become an important means for enterprises to improve their competitiveness. The emergence of strapping machine provides a good solution for enterprises to reduce packaging costs. By correctly selecting the strapping machine suitable for their own needs and mastering the operation skills of the baler, enterprises can improve the packaging efficiency and reduce the cost, so as to create greater profit space for the development of enterprises.