Carton strapping machine spring type

09 Jun.2023

1. Emergency brake spring: This spring is mainly used for emergency braking and is a safety protection device. When the strapping machine of the carton has a sudden failure or other abnormal conditions, the spring will automatically start and brake the strapping machine through the friction resistance to avoid the occurrence of accidents. It is often used in the belt brake of the baler, the belt motor brake and other parts.

2. Tension spring: This spring is used to adjust the tension of the strapping machine to make the packaged items more firm. It is usually located in the strapping machine between the tension pendulum rod, the tool set, and the fixed place of the conveyor pulley.

3. Buffer spring: This kind of spring is widely used in the buffering system of strapping machine conveyor belt to adjust the motion state of strapping machine through its elasticity to achieve shock absorption, noise reduction, stability and other effects. This kind of spring is only used in one place on strapping machine. Is the inside of the knife, this spring is composed of 2, a thick and a thin, matching the use.

As for the material of the spring on the carton strapping machine, they are usually made of high-strength, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant steel. In the material selection, carbon steel, chromium vanadium steel, silicon manganese steel and so on are common material selection. These materials have excellent mechanical properties, which can meet the needs of strapping machine springs in harsh environments such as high frequency, high compression, and high temperature for a long time. In addition to the material, the spring manufacturing process is also an important factor affecting its performance and life. The manufacturing process of helical spring includes winding, finishing of hook or end ring, heat treatment and process performance test. In mass production, universal automatic spring coiling machine is usually used for winding; In single piece or small batch production, it is made by ordinary lathe or hand. Heat treatment is required before rolling, and low temperature tempering is also required after rolling.

In general, the design and manufacture of the spring on the strapping machine plays a crucial role in the performance, operating efficiency and safety of the strapping machine. Therefore, when buying strapping machine, we should not only pay attention to its price and ease of use, but also pay attention to the quality of its spring and whether the manufacturing process is good, see quality for details. Only by choosing the right carton strapping machine can we ensure the smooth development of packaging work, reduce the failure rate and maintenance costs, improve production efficiency, and ensure the health and safety of workers at work