Requirements for installing carton sealer

09 Jun.2023

The installation of any equipment requires certain site conditions, carton sealer products are no exception. For first-time users of carton sealer, YUPACK will carefully remind customers of the conditions that need to be prepared, and today YUPACK will share these conditions with you to facilitate your future more convenient use of carton sealer products.

1、Appropriate site. Users in the purchase of carton sealer before, especially customized carton sealer, be sure to determine the size of the site and the absence of obstacles around, so that the installation of carton sealer work can be carried out smoothly.

2、Meet the demand of power and gas source. For the opening machine and folding cap sealing machine, the installation needs to have sufficient gas source, so the user must first receive the power and gas source to the appropriate location before installing the sealing machine, to provide the necessary conditions for the installation of tape sealing machine.

3、Professional installation techniques and personnel. Standard type sealing machine is relatively simple, plug in the electricity can be used, but some customized sealing machine technology is more complex, so the installation and commissioning stage should have professional technical personnel to guide, otherwise in the subsequent use of the work may produce unnecessary trouble.

       The above is the installation of carton sealer need some necessary conditions, if you still have any doubts about the use of sealing machine, welcome to call YUPACK marketing center, we will be happy to serve you!