The indispensable elements of H type sealing machines

09 Jun.2023

Familiar with the sealing machine users know that H type sealing machines is a sealing machine sealing effect of a more solid equipment, but this type of sealing machine is actually not a separate sealing machine, but by the combination of two sealing machines, then the composition of H type sealing machines specific what indispensable elements?

First of all, to combine H type sealing machines essential equipment is the corner sealing machine, without this machine, no matter how can not combine H type sealing machines, so in the H type sealing machines corner sealing machine indispensable.

    Secondly, to have I type sealing machines. to this kind of more, in Yupack's official website can be seen, I type sealing machines of many varieties, from the different drive mode alone can be seen in many models, left and right drive, up and down drive, left and right plus drive, etc.; and from the degree of automation divided And from the degree of automation can be divided into semi-automatic and automatic, etc., each different sealing methods, users can choose according to their actual situation.

    Finally, the cache line. The so-called cache line is a common name, mainly refers to the place where the carton is stored after the sealing operation is completed. Generally will be placed behind the corner edge sealing machine non-powered roller line or Foley wheel telescopic line to achieve this function.

     Meet the above 3 elements, is basically a combination of qualified H type sealing machines, more sealing machine information, welcome to continue to pay attention to Qingdao Yupack official website: