What kind of box is suitable for YUPACK tray erector

09 Apr.2024

Tray Erector  is a packaging machine for folding paper boxes, it is pneumatically controlled through the mold automatically fold a piece of cardboard into a box, you can automatically lock the cardboard on both sides of the hinge, so that the cardboard molding does not need tape or hot melt adhesive. Servo control is easy to operate and adjust conveniently, the bin frequency conversion speed regulation supply material timely, comes with 15L cylinder running stable. Suitable for airplane box, sky and earth cover, self-locking bottom, and spray glue type carton.

 There are a lot of high-end items on the market are very beautifully packaged in the outer box, and the quality 

is also very upscale. Most of these products are packaged in airplane boxes. Then many customers in the selection of box folding machine will have questions, whether you can also choose to open the box box all-in-one machine is better. Of course, if the technical indicators are appropriate in the case of the choice of all-in-one machine is more economical and practical, but not all boxes can be used. Just last paragraph we talk about folding machine it applies to the airplane box, heaven and earth cover, self-locking bottom, and spray glue type carton. Gluing type carton in the folding machine supporting a gluing machine, can be equipped with imported brands can also be used in domestic machines can be.

 You may also want to ask, the entire carton from the automatic folding machine folding box to box production line is automated control and no artificial how to realize the sealing carton it. In particular, our common airplane box can be in the box after supporting a buckle box machine is also known as the cover machine, it can be automatically covered with the top cover of the airplane box, or increase the sealing of the box. This realizes the intelligent automation of the whole set of packaging line