The role of the control system in fully packaging machine programme

15 Apr.2024

We usually see the automated packaging line is composed of multiple packaging machines with power conveyor combination, they can replace the artificial lasting stable packaging operations, and make the packaging out of the quality of the products are uniform, free of personnel management training and other factors, very good for the enterprise to reduce costs, this is the benefits of intelligent automation!

Such as our common carton automatic packaging line, the opening machine is used to open the batch of cartons one by one to form and seal the bottom, to create conditions for the next boxing. Automatic opening machine when to open the box, open a few, go to what position can be by the equipment itself comes with PLC to perform. Then so many packaging machines to be combined together in order to work is how to achieve it. We Axiomtek packaging in the whole set of automated packaging machine line programme, will do a separate control system, using Siemens PLC and touch screen as the main part, with relays and other electrical parts designed as a complete set of control system, it will be packaged with the line body of each piece of equipment to communicate, command them at what time and what situation for the operation.

It can be said that the control system in the whole set of packaging machine programme plays a vital role, without it all the combination of packaging machine can not be connected to work, each dry each of a plate of loose sand. Control system is based on the entire line of packaging process needs to be designed individually, not like people imagine the sky can be anything, we need to consider the feasibility of the packaging machine can be achieved. For more information about YUPACK packaging solutions, please visit our website and read the case studies.