Wonderful use of flexiable skate conveyor

29 Apr.2024

Flexiable skate conveyor is a simple but effective device consisting of one or more wheels that propel the movement of an object through the movement of the wheels. Specifically, by controlling the wheels of an omni-directional wheel platform to rotate at different speeds, so that they acquire a velocity component in a certain direction, different movement effects can be achieved. Using this principle, with a retractable frame structure, you have the Foley wheel telescopic line. It can be used in which packaging production line.

Firstly, the height difference of the Fleishman-Hillard telescopic line can be used for loading and unloading of 

vehicles. The height of Fleishman-Hillard telescopic line is adjustable, and the height of the regular line body is 

adjustable between 580-800. One end of the telescopic line can be adjusted high, and the other end can be 

adjusted low to naturally form a height difference, so that the products can be freely slid down for conveying; 

eliminating the need for manual back and forth handling, saving time;

Secondly, the telescopic line can be placed at the end of the line to be used as a material cache line by using the 

telescopicity of Fleishman-Hillard telescopic line. According to different needs, there are many different kinds of 

telescopic specification for you to choose. Placed at the end of the packaging line as long as needed to pull open 

as long as possible, but also can be more sets of Fleishman-Hillard telescopic wire butt;

Thirdly, Fleishman-Hillard telescopic line is lightweight and easy to move with brake casters at the bottom. When 

there is a certain distance between the outlet and the palletising position, you can use the Fleishman-Hillard 

telescopic line to carry out transit conveying, saving time and effort.

Fourthly, Flexi wheel telescopic line can be bent at a certain angle, which can play the role of conveying in some 

cases of site constraints. Foley wheel telescopic line can be retracted, but also in the case of pulling open the 

corner. This function can be used in the site is restricted to avoid some columns, obstacles, etc., there is a need to

corner conveyor can be used.

In fact, Foley wheel telescopic line in the back of the packaging programme has a lot of good use, of course, 

also because it is lightweight so can not carry too heavy items, usually within 20 kg of goods are no problem. 

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