Are carton strapper and pallet strapper compatible?

26 May.2024

 Are carton strapping and pallet strapping compatible? Customers often ask such a question, 

saying that they do not use a lot, want to buy a baler, can be strapped cartons, but also can 

be strapped pallets. In the end, whether carton strapping and pallet strapping can share a baler? 

Normally speaking is certainly not, but some special circumstances can be compatible. 

Let's first analyse why the two are not compatible.

Firstly, the two are not baled in the same way. Carton strapping is just straight strapping on the 

surface of the item, so any strapping machine can achieve it. But most of the strapping of pallet type 

is needed to pass through the forklift holes of the pallet and then strapping, which requires the strapping 

machine to have a movable sword path to stretch back and forth, so the machine for strapping pallet must 

use the sword-piercing strapping machine. However, if the customer can accept not from the pallet's forklift 

holes through the tape, directly from the bottom of the pallet strapping, in this case, theoretically can be shared 

with the cardboard box with a baler (provided that the size of the frame in the baler allows the range).Secondly, the binding force of the two is not the same. Cartons are generally not too heavy, the use of wrapping material is also PP tape, so the tightening force does not need to be very large, commonly used carton strapping machine tightening force is generally in the 0-60kg adjustable. Pallet items are heavier, the use of packaging material is often PET tape, the requirements of the tightening force is also relatively large, generally in the 150kg or more, therefore, the two do not share the same type of baler.

Finally, the frame size is not the same. Axiomtek has mentioned this point in the first article, generally pallet products are larger, so the frame size of the baler is also larger, while the carton is generally smaller, theoretically speaking, with a large frame can be bundled with small products, but this is only occasional use can be used for a long time, the baler will appear to fluttering, feeding tape is not in place, or jamming and so on, which is not a good use of the experience.

In conclusion, YUPACK does not recommend that carton strapping and pallet strapping share a strapping machine, in the normal production state, or let the strapping machine perform its own duties, in order to achieve twice the result with half the effort!

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