How to deal with straining of strap

28 Apr.2024

In the process of strapping with pallet strapper, there will be many kinds of problems, today YUPACK would like to share with you how to deal with the strapping process of pulling wire. A mention of pulling, many people think of is stretched, here mentioned the pulling is not this meaning, but only the side of the baling band was divided out of a small strip, can not be a complete baling band. Encountering this situation, do not panic, usually caused by two situations.

1.the right knife has wear. The case of pulling the basic with the right knife, the first case is the right knife is worn, especially its incision edge, if there is an opening will cause the packing tape in the cut tape when pulling the wire.

2.the bottom of the belt channel installed crooked. Below the belt wheel should be exactly aligned with the centre of the right knife, but if the user in the maintenance process will be mounted on the belt way off, then the packing belt in the belt is always cutting the edge of the right knife, thus friction out of the state of wire drawing.

Strap pulling is mainly caused by these two points, other situations may also occur, such as feeding wheel damage or damage to the belt path itself, but the probability of this is relatively small, because the damage to these two positions will have other more obvious failures, pulling the state is rarely occur!