What equipment can the sealing machine be equipped with

08 Jun.2023

With the prominent issue of difficult employment, more and more production enterprises are pursuing unmanned operation. The so-called unmanned operation is actually a combination of various different equipment, and the sealing machine product is one of the products under the demand for unmanned operation. In the use of engineering, the sealing machine can be paired with other automation equipment to form an unmanned packaging workshop. So what are the commonly used supporting equipment for the sealing machine?

1. Automatic unboxing machine. There is no doubt that the sealing machine is only used to seal the cardboard boxes containing items, so where do the cardboard boxes come from? Naturally, there should also be a corresponding unpacking tool, which is an automatic unpacking machine.

2. Fully automatic packaging machine. Many automated packaging production lines have a relatively complete set of packaging equipment. After sealing the cardboard boxes with tape, all that needs to be done is to tie them with PP tape, which requires the use of a fully automatic packaging machine.

3. Labeling machine, weighing and removing machine. These two devices are widely used by food and drug companies, and are also commonly used in automated packaging production lines. The specific labeling location, label size, weighing range, and accuracy are all optional.

4. Carton inkjet printer. The main function of an inkjet printer is naturally to type cardboard boxes. Generally, it is necessary to print information such as production date, batch number, expiration date, etc. This device is generally relatively small and can be fixed on the column of the sealing machine to achieve this function.

The above is the commonly used matching equipment for sealing machines summarized by Aixun for you. In fact, in the actual use process, the matching equipment is far more than these, such as the front packing machine, the conveyor at the back of the material handling machine, etc., which can actually be matched