Differences in the movement of the sealing machine

08 Jun.2023

Users who frequently come into contact with sealing machines will often hear two words, two inch movement and three inch movement. Many customers are very unfamiliar with this term, but it is indeed a professional term. It is normal for customers not to understand it. Customers only need to know whether this sealing machine can seal their products. The name of this movement is mainly two words used by sealing machine manufacturers to distinguish the size of sealable cardboard boxes, Today, Aixun will share with you the differences between these two movements.

1. The widest tape that can be cut varies in size. From the size of the movement, we can easily see that if a two inch movement is smaller, the tape it can cut is narrower. Generally, the maximum tape roll width that a two inch movement can hang is 50mm. The three inch movement is relatively large, so it can hang up to 70mm tape rolls.

2. The minimum size of cardboard boxes that can be sealed varies. Due to its small size, a two inch movement can be closer to the movement, resulting in a smaller cardboard box that can be sealed. Generally, a two inch movement can seal cardboard boxes up to 70mm in length, while a three inch movement can only seal cardboard boxes up to 120mm in length.

In fact, the so-called two inch and three inch movements of the sealing machine are mainly translated from English, because the width of the movable tape that can be cut is converted into inches in English, and the 75mm wide tape is 3 inches in English, hence the names two inch movements and three inch movements. Do you understand?