Market classification of shrink wrapping machines

09 Jun.2023

Shrink wrapping machine, also known as sealing and shrinking machine, mainly refers to automatic packaging equipment for film packaging of items, the machine is generally rarely used alone, will be used with shrinkage machine together to form the sealing and shrinking packaging effect. So what is the classification of sealing and cutting machine on the market?

1、L-type sealing and cutting. L-type sealing and cutting is divided into semi-automatic L-type sealing and cutting machine and automatic L-type sealing and cutting machine, the machine is mainly used for small products, small boxes for film shrinkage, the length and width of the product have very high requirements, therefore, this type of model is not particularly large products and relatively low production of small and medium-sized enterprises.

2、Side sealing machine. Side sealing machine is upgraded on the basis of L-type sealing and cutting machine, separating the horizontal knife from the vertical knife, so as to improve the packaging efficiency and expand the compatible size, which is an efficient automatic sealing and cutting machine, mostly used in enterprises with larger output or larger size of items.

3、Cuff sealing and cutting machine. Cuff sealing and cutting machine is not quite the same as the above two packaging methods, the machine's packaging is semi-closed packaging, the most common is the heat shrink packaging of beer bottles, the two sides of the item will leave two holes similar to the cuff, used to facilitate handling, hence the name cuff packaging machine. The machine is mainly suitable for heavy items, the full closure of the product does not have excessive requirements.

     Currently on the market is the main existence of the above three types of sealing and shrinking machine, each manufacturer according to the characteristics of their own models will do more or less improved, but the structure is basically the same.