Sleeve shrink wrapping machine packaging effect how to adjust

09 Jun.2023

Sleeve shrink wrapping machine is a very widely used packaging equipment, the people's most common beer bottles and cola bottles packaging is sleeve packaging, we see the effect of the finished product are very good, that is because the manufacturer has been very good debugging of the equipment at the factory, then for the first time or has been used, but the shrinkage effect is not good for the user, how to adjust the packaging effect? The following Axiomtek will share with you several common effects of bad adjustment methods.

1, the film has folds, the temperature is not enough. Each film is its adaptation to the temperature, especially the shrinkage ratio of large shrink film, the temperature requirements are higher, so the appropriate temperature is the main factor in determining the shrinkage effect is good or bad.

2, the film breaks the hole, the speed is too slow, the temperature is too high. Temperature is reached, after which is the speed of adjustment, if the speed is too fast, the film did not shrink well, the speed is too slow, there will be film is scalded, so matching the speed, is another major factor in the shrinkage effect of shrink machines.

3, the film is unevenly heated, the need to adjust the direction of the wind. The direction of the wind determines the location of the product surface heated, especially for sleeve-type shrink packaging is particularly important, the location of the sleeve needs a higher temperature, so the adjustment of the wind direction is crucial.

       The above three points are commonly encountered in the process of using shrink machine problems and solutions, more shrinkage-related knowledge YUPACK will do in future articles to share in detail, welcome your continued attention!