Folding and sealing machine commissioning process introduction

09 Jun.2023

Folding cap sealing machine is actually a very simple automatic packaging equipment, but regardless of the degree of difficulty of the equipment, for the first time users, debugging is a big problem, the following Yupack on the basis of past work experience and you share the folding cap sealing machine debugging process, I hope it will help you in the future use.

    1, the equipment will be placed in the corresponding work site, the pattern needs to adjust the height of the operating surface. Specific operation: loosen the adjusting bolt, adjust the telescopic foot, after the desired working height of the Avenue, lock the adjusting bolt and press down the stopper, is the machine fixed.

    2, connected to the gas source, the adjustment knob will be lifted, clockwise rotation to increase pressure, counterclockwise vibration to reduce pressure, observe the pressure gauge value of 5-6kg / c square meters can be, after the adjustment is complete, lock the knob.

    3、Put the carton on the working table, shake the height adjustment handle, adjust it to the position where the front guide just touches the top of the carton.

    4、After the height is adjusted, shake the width adjustment handle so that the conveyor belt can clamp the carton and transmit the carton. Loosen the side pressure wheel handle, the side pressure wheel against the carton, tighten the side pressure wheel handle.

     The above is Yupack's summary of the folding and sealing machine debugging process, pay attention to Qingdao Yupack's official website:, we will continue to provide you with more knowledge about packaging equipment and solutions.