Semi-automatic strapping machine operation process

09 Jun.2023

At present, the automatic bundling method of semi-automatic strapping machine on the market has the following operation methods:

Ball switch: The ball switch is arranged on the workbench surface, the bound object moves on the workbench surface, and when it presses down the ball switch, it will automatically bind.

Foot switch: Every time the foot switch is stepped, the object is packed once.

No matter what state the machine is in, if the machine needs to stop working immediately, you can press the emergency stop button.

The following are some operating processes of semi-automatic balers:

First of all, after determining the items to be packed, adjust the relevant parameters of the baler, including the length and width of the packing belt.

Place the items that need to be packed in the designated position and adjust the corresponding position.

After pressing the Start button on the controller, the baler starts to work automatically.

The packer will wrap the strap around the item and tie it roughly tight.

Then, the positioning gear moves down, controlling the tension roller to open, thus allowing the packing belt to strengthen the package.

Once the packing is complete, the cutter will automatically cut the packing belt and complete the packing work.

Finally, remove the packed item and remove materials such as foam pads or stuffing.

It should be noted that the operator should be familiar with the operation method of the semi-automatic baler and master the relevant maintenance knowledge. At the same time, in the process of use, we should also pay attention to safe operation and comply with the corresponding rules and regulations to avoid accidents.

The operation process of semi-automatic strapping machine is simple and convenient, and it needs to pay attention to safe operation and careful maintenance in the process of use, so that it can continuously improve production efficiency and ensure the packaging quality of products