Rattling solution for box sealing machine

09 Jun.2023

The sealing machine will have such and such problems after using for a long time, among which there is a strange sound is one of the most common failures, today Yupack will focus on sharing with you the causes and solutions of sealing machine with rattling.

1、The motor shaft is different from the center. This fault may not be obvious in the first period of sealing machine use, but after using a period of time, the motor shaft wear more serious, sealing machine will appear obvious noise, and the shaft will wear very serious, short-term users can add lubricating oil to alleviate, but this is only a cure for the symptoms not the root cause of the solution, the final solution or the need to replace the optical shaft.

2、Individual parts are loose. This reason is very easy to determine, because the loose parts position will have a more special sound issued, the user can also touch the parts by hand to check whether there is loose in the downtime.

3, the lack of lubrication between the shaft and the bearing. If there is no lubrication between the shaft and bearing, the machine will also have a strange sound. According to the maintenance and repair requirements of the sealing machine, after the end of daily work, the user should refuel the equipment for maintenance and treatment.

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