Selection of belt groove for high-speed strapping

09 Jun.2023

 Any strapping machine will involve the selection of belt slots, high-speed strapping machine is also an exception, in the process of YUPACK past business found that many users in the purchase of strapping machine belt slots have a misunderstanding: always choose the largest size of the belt slot, because customers think that all strapping can be used. In fact, this is a very wrong decision, today YUPACK will share with you the choice of high-speed strapping machine belt slot.
1、Choose according to the specifications of the straps used. This is the most correct approach, according to the use of straps to choose the corresponding belt slot, the general industry is more commonly used high-speed strapping machine belt slot 6mm 9mm and 12mm 3 kinds. But it is not recommended that you directly choose 12mm belt slot to be compatible with all specifications of straps.
2, can be backward compatible with a size of straps . This expression means that you can also choose a belt slot to be compatible, but YUPACK's recommendation is to be compatible with at most one size of straps, for example: if you choose 12mm wide belt slot, then you can be compatible with 9mm straps for occasional use, but can not continue to be compatible with 6mm straps.  straps for occasional use.
3, according to the weight of the product to choose straps. many customers will question, how can I know how wide I should use straps? This is actually a professional standard, first of all, you need to know the weight of their strapping items, followed by each specification of straps have a maximum load limit, generally 12mm maximum load 120kg, 9mm is about 80kg, 5mm is about 20kg or so.
    To sum up, users should choose the corresponding straps and strapping machine slot according to their actual situation, do not choose too large slot in order to be compatible with more products, thus affecting the future use.

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