What is the reason why carton sealer does not hit the cover?

09 Jun.2023

Carton sealer with folding is carton sealer in a relatively high degree of automation of a device, the machine can be used alone, but also with the automated assembly line together to achieve unmanned operation, but this equipment in the use of the process sometimes there are some small problems, today Axiomtek on one of the common failures ----- not to play the cover of The problem and you do the following share:

1, the air source is not sufficient. carton sealer with folding cover function is to rely on the cylinder to achieve, and the cylinder is the need for air source, when the air source is not sufficient, the cylinder can not work well, so to ensure adequate air source is carton sealer with folding normal work of the first guarantee.

2、Carton for machine. Many users can not understand, the carton will also be divided into manual boxes and machine boxes, in fact, the two kinds of carton difference is very small, but this is a small difference, resulting in manual boxes can not be used in the machine. This small difference lies in the corner of the lid of the carton, the manual box this corner is not well cut, but the machine box must be cut, otherwise carton sealer with folding the lid is not able to fold.

      Users who have contacted with carton sealer know that carton sealer is a very simple device, a little knowledge of some mechanical personnel can determine at a glance where the fault, but also the right remedy, high quality and efficient solution.