How straps affect the use of the strapping machine

09 Jun.2023

Straps, also known as straps belt, is a close match with the strapping machine supplies, since it is a close match, the use of Straps must be very smooth, otherwise it may affect the use of the packing machine, the following YUPACK and you share several Straps affect the use of the strapping machine The specific situation.

1、Straps break. This situation often occurs in the bundling of fluffy products, requiring a lot of tightening force, if the Straps material is poor tensile strength is not enough, then there will be Straps breakage.
2、Straps can not be glued. When determine the strapping machine heating no problem, if Straps can not be bonded that is the problem of the tape itself, especially semi-automatic Straps, if the middle of the sandwich material is too much, the surface layer of pp material is less, there will be unable to bond the situation.
3、Send the tape is not in place. This is one of the most common failures of the strapping machine, not in place is mostly due to the Straps too thin and too soft, so users must pay attention when buying Straps, try to buy harder and more rigid Straps, to avoid failure in the process of use.
     The above is the summary of the work of YUPACK for you to Straps affect the use of strapping machine of the three most common situations, if you are interested in this kind of article, you are welcome to continue to pay attention to Qingdao YUPACK official website: