3 points for strapping machine commissioning

09 Jun.2023

Strapping machine debugging has been a difficult point in the use of Strapping machine, many customers always feel that Strapping machine adjustment can not be their ideal state, today Yupack on the basis of past experience and you share, Strapping machine debugging 3 points::

1, the installation of the beltway. strapping machine in the delivery of the frame is generally disassembled, then the user should pay attention to the location of the frame when installed, in general, the Strapping machine right beltway should be higher than the movement, so that is the correct way to install, otherwise straps will not be sent inside the movement.

2, adjust the straps bonding deviation. For the commissioning of the Strapping machine, not that the straps can be bonded even if it is good, but should let the straps bonding as far as possible without deviation, so that the tensile strength of the straps to the maximum.

3, the location of each proximity switch. In the commissioning of Strapping machine may appear in the process of strapping occasionally such and such a small problem, and the commissioning staff did not pay attention to, it may be the proximity of one or more of the switches are far away, and sometimes do not receive the signal Strapping machine, so there will be such a problem.

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