How to deal with untidy strap cutting of strapping machine

09 Jun.2023

Strapping machine is very much used in the strapping process of cartons and pallets of products, and straps are the most used consumables on the Strapping machine, so the cooperation between Strapping machine and straps is particularly important, of which there is a small problem that many customers are There is a small problem that many customers often encounter, that is, Strapping machine cutting tape is not neat, the following Yupack will share with you the Strapping machine cutting tape related problems and solutions: 1, after cutting the tape there are tails:

   1, cut the tape after the tail. There are two general reasons for this situation, one is because the Strapping machine knife set wear, there is another situation because of the poor quality of straps, especially for the sandwich material straps, this straps only have a layer of pp material on the surface, so there will be a tail in the case of cutting the tape.

   2、Cut without band. General new Strapping machine is not such a situation, so such a situation is generally the Strapping machine knife wear serious, the need to replace the knife due to the user only need to replace the new knife to solve the problem.

  3, the tape is stuck between the knife set. Familiar with Strapping machine users know that the Strapping machine cutting principle is to rely on the knife and the right knife friction, so in fact, there is a gap between the knife and the knife, when the straps are thin and soft, straps will be stuck in between the two knife sets, this situation is particularly manifested in the semi-automatic Strapping machine.

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