Calculation of on-line pallet wrapping machine efficiency

09 Jun.2023

Online pallet wrapper is a fully automatic wrapping and packaging machine, the machine can realize automatic conveying, automatic pallet wrapper, automatic on the broken film, is one of the indispensable equipment in the automatic packaging system. Since it is automated packaging can not avoid mentioning the efficiency issue, many manufacturers in the introduction of the machine will write to the efficiency of 20-40 tor / h, this range is obviously too large, so online pallet wrapper efficiency in the end how much it is? How to calculate it?
     In fact, this problem should be divided into two aspects, one is the pallet wrapper's own speed, and the other is the speed of other. The pallet wrapper's own speed refers to the whole process from the time the pallet wrapper is put on the film to the time when the film is broken, which is mainly the process of the pallet wrapper wrapping the film onto the surface of the goods. Other speed refers to the speed of the equipment that works with the pallet wrapper, such as the top sheet dispenser, feed speed and discharge speed. This speed is often ignored by many users when determining the speed, but in fact this speed is very influential to the packaging efficiency.
    To sum up, the efficiency of pallet wrapper is not a definite value, the size of the item, weight and the number of layers of packaging on the efficiency is very big, if you have this demand, you can communicate with the manufacturer more, through professional calculation, to determine this packaging efficiency.