How high speed strapping machine achieve high speed

09 Jun.2023

High speed strapping machine as the name implies is very fast strapping machine, commonly used in corrugated boxes strapping, so also called corrugated boxes strapping machine. the same strapping cartons, why it can be very fast?

 1, the application of narrow straps. familiar with strapping machine users know that the current market strapping machine mainly applicable straps for 12mm wide 0.6mm thick, and high-speed strapping machine using mostly 5mm and 9mm packing tape, this type of narrow tape in the process of feeding the tape The resistance in the process of feeding these narrow tapes is much smaller than that of 12mm, and the resistance when strapping is also small, so the speed of feeding and releasing the tapes will be accelerated accordingly.

 2、With the second feeding function. Ordinary strapping machine will fall out of the movement after the strapping is not in place, the user will need to wear a new belt, but high-speed strapping machine does not need, the machine has a very advanced secondary feeding function, if the straps are not in place, the machine can automatically carry out the second feeding, very convenient.

 3、Bonding cooling time is short. Because of the use of narrow, thin tape, bonding time and cooling time are not so long, but also to a certain extent to improve the speed of strapping.

     After reading the above introduction, many users will have questions, since it is so fast, why not develop applicable broadband sub and large products? This is indeed the crux of the matter, this high speed strapping machine can only be selected within the framework provided by the manufacturer and does not provide non-standard customization. This is also the reason why the high-speed strapping machine can not be applied to too large products.