Why doesn't the strapping machine cut the tape straightly?

09 Jun.2023

Strapping machine belt feeding and cutting is a step that needs to be completed every time you work, so these positions often have problems. Today,  Yupack shares the following for the problem, which always cuts the tape incorrectly:

1. The Strap belt is too thin and soft. There is nothing wrong with the thin packing belt, which can save costs, but if it is too soft, it will make the packing belt sandwiched between two knives can not come out or the situation of cutting the belt is not good. This is one of the reasons for uneven cuts.

2. The cutter is seriously worn and needs to be replaced. Through the introduction of the cutting principle of the baler, we know that if the cutting tool is seriously worn, the packing belt can not be cut off normally, in this case, it can be achieved by replacing the cutting tool.

3, some other reasons for the baler itself. The packing belt is basically due to the above two reasons, but it is not absolute, it may be caused by some other uncommon reasons, if the user can not judge, you can consult the supplier of the baler, they will provide you with more professional advice.

Strapping machine is a very frequently used in the current automation equipment, and problem is normal. Users need to maintain a normal attitude towards equipment failure. If the production is really urgent and can not be delayed, you can consider preparing some common accessories or choosing a standby machine at ordinary times to avoid affecting the production due to the failure of the baler.