What are the common curved conveyors

09 Jun.2023

Speaking of curved conveyor you may first think of the curved roller line, in fact, in addition to the roller line, there are also some other line body can do curved, the following YUPACK for you to summarize the 4 common curved conveyor.

1, curved belt line: that is, the line is designed to turn into a belt conveyor, this form of turning design can achieve a smooth transition of products between the different directions of the line. And the applicability of the belt line is relatively strong, can be used for block, bulk, bulk, small and other forms of product processing;

    2、Curved roller line: that is, the line is designed as a roller line at the turn of the line body, due to the large spacing between the rollers, so this form of turn design is used for the transition of already packed or larger pieces of transport;

    3, rotary table: belt turning line and turning roller line is basically used in the light industry, in the heavy industry more use may be the rotary table. As the heavy industry in the processing of products are large, the weight is not the general belt line or roller line can withstand the range, the use of steel made rotary table can be well suited to the needs of heavy industry processing.

    4、Curved chain plate line. It must be said that the curved chain slat line is one of the more difficult curved conveyors, which requires the manufacturer to be very professional and the calculation is very into accurate, otherwise it is very easy to fail.

      The above is YUPACK for your summary of the common bend conveyor, if you have other questions about the conveyor, welcome to call YUPACK marketing center!