What is the difference in price of belt conveyor

09 Jun.2023

With the rapid development of e-commerce, users to buy products to broaden the way, and the ensuing price war has also been quietly played, industrial products have not been spared from being involved, all kinds of packaging equipment are suffering from it, but how cheap products actually do? Today Axiomtek would like to take the belt line as an example and share with you where the main price differences.

 First of all, the speed of the belt line has to do with. General belt line will have a constant speed and variable speed two specifications, then it can be imagined that variable speed requires the use of inverters, compared to the constant speed of the belt line in terms of an additional inverter, if the inverter brand and then choose a better imported brand, then the price difference will be greater.

    Second, the pallets of the belt line have to pay attention to. Familiar with the belt line users know that the general belt line is installed at both ends of the active roller and driven roller, the middle part of the tray for bearing, but this applies to lighter items, if a little heavier items need to use the roller for bearing, with the price of the roller and the price difference with the iron plate can be imagined.

    Finally, the difference in material. The different materials mentioned here include many, such as the material of the rack, the material of the belt, and even the material of the surface spraying. Surface spraying this process can not be underestimated, look at all the spray on a thin layer, but in fact, there is a great deal of detail, why the security door on the spray is not easy to fall? But we often see a piece of the paint on the ordinary machine off it? This is the difference in the process, of course, the difference in the price of this process is also a big impact.

      The above Axiom is just a very common three points for you to summarize the reasons for the price difference, in fact, throughout the entire equipment production process, each step of the refinement is the embodiment of the price, I hope that we are more concerned about the quality of the product in the process of buying conveyor, do not blindly chasing profits.