carton sealer error operation three cases

09 Jun.2023

Many users in the receipt of new equipment like to operate first, and do not carefully read the manual or operation video, etc., so it will cause a lot of wrong operation, which will lead to equipment damage, the following YUPACK to carton sealer as an example to share with you the carton sealer wrong operation of the 3 cases, I hope it will help you in the future use.

1、The machine has a strange sound on the direct demolition. Machine in the process of working easy to appear strange sound, which is not necessarily a signal of machine failure, sometimes may be simply because the machine screws and other loose caused by, do not blindly dismantle the machine.

2, if the transmission ring loose can not be positioned, indicating that the plastic strip and transmission spring elasticity disappeared, you need to remove the trigger combination, reinstall the spring or replace the plastic strip and transmission spring.

3、Work barefoot in the workplace. Although the structure of the carton sealer is very simple, but workers should not work barefoot in the workplace, which is very dangerous.

      If you have similar problems, you are welcome to call YUPACK's after-sales service in time to avoid the destruction of equipment.