3 reasons for the poor sealing effect of Carton sealer

09 Jun.2023

Carton sealer in the process of sealing cartons often appear such and such problems, some is the carton sealer itself, and some may also be the carton or tape is not qualified caused by, today YUPACK to carton sealer sealing effect is poor, for example, to share with you the main reasons and solutions.

1, carton sealer main tension spring loose or service life to. carton sealer main tension spring, also known as the movement of the spring, is mainly used to tighten the carton sealer movement, so that the carton sealer in sealing the box tape is relatively flat. However, if the spring is loose or the service life of the spring is up, there will be bad tape bonding effect.

2, tape quality is too poor. The quality of tape on the market varies, some businesses in order to save costs, the tape is very thin, so that the tape will appear after sticking to the carton, wrinkles. Therefore, users should pay more attention when buying tape for carton carton sealer to avoid a similar situation.

3, the tape roller is broken or pressure is too small. Tape rollers are used to flatten the tape, so that the flat fit on top of the carton, but if the tape rollers are broken or the pressure is too small, there will be bad tape bonding situation.

      The above is YUPACK in the past work process summed up the carton sealer sealing effect of poor 3 reasons, in future articles YUPACK will continue to introduce the carton sealer and carton erector of other failure causes and troubleshooting methods, welcome your continued attention!