Advantages of stretch resistant pallet wrapping machine

09 Jun.2023

  The term "stretch resistant pallet wrapping machine" means that the pallet wrapping machine itself does not have the mechanism of pre-stretching the wrapping film, but relies on the weight of the item itself to stretch the wrapping film, and this type of pallet wrapping machine is called stretch resistant wrapping machine. So what are the advantages of stretch resistant pallet wrapping machine compared with pre-stretch wrapping machine?

1. Low price. Undoubtedly, this is definitely the biggest advantage of block stretch pallet wrapping machine, because there is less a frequency converter, a motor and pre-stretch system, the price of block stretch pallet wrapping machine will be much lower than pre-stretch, is the first choice of some underdeveloped countries to purchase equipment.

2、Simple parameter setting. Pre-stretch pallet wrapping machine needs to adjust the film speed and turntable speed to match in order to carry out perfect packaging. And block stretch pallet wrapping machine does not need, only need to adjust the pallet wrapping machine turntable speed alone.

3. Simple installation and low failure rate. Familiar with machinery and equipment users know that the simpler the mechanical structure, the lower the failure rate, resistance to stretching pallet wrapping machine is the best example.

     Introduced so much, many customers will have questions, resistance to stretch pallet wrapping machine so advantageous, why there will be pre-stretch pallet wrapping machine? This is mainly because the pre-stretch pallet wrapping machine is more economical to wrap the film, which is incomparable to the resistance stretch pallet wrapping machine.